Bottom Line - February 2017

By Stan Bower

Sometimes it seems that the speed of life … and the pain of life … are going at Mach 1. I recently met with a man and asked specific questions about how his family was doing. I saw the pain in his eyes, knowing his heart was bursting, and watched the tears well up like rising floodwaters. So what was the proper response to his pain? Two things needed to be considered: 1. what was his need in the midst of the pain 2. how should I respond emotionally to him?

Bottom Line - December 2016

By Stan Bower

When is the last time you were part of a rescue operation? Being on our team will put you on the front lines, as we take a stand for truth. We are intentional about seeing lives restored – one person at a time. One mission in 2002 began quietly during a prayer breakfast … but culminated in a prisoner release.

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Bottom Line - September 2016

By Stan Bower

Fear is an interesting fact of life. As God has been getting to the bottom of my heart, I have discovered some fear. For example, at times when I have a conversation with someone – and as a result, have a troubling thought - anxiety grips me. Fear begins to envelope me then plunges further into the cup of emotions, where it hits anger - then descends even deeper to hurt and sadness.

Bottom Line - August 2016

By Stan Bower

I am making my way through this process known as ‘sabbatical’ - having experienced the beauty of the shorelines of the east and west coasts of America, Laura and I headed to L’Abri in the Netherlands for two weeks, to be followed by one week in Paris. The sea of people we met seemed like wave upon wave and it was clear that each culture has its own problems. However, the understanding that God was directing us and taking care of us as we traveled was evident.

Bottom Line - July 2016

By Stan Bower

As I come out of the first phase of my sabbatical, I have a sense of God speaking into my heart. After spending ten days on the east coast in Charlotte and Folly Beach, then nine days on the west coast in Carmel and San Francisco, a particular Scripture came to me. “Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.”
2 Timothy 2:7

Bottom Line - February 2016

By Stan Bower

In the winter of life, we should think and reflect. The winter is in full swing here, so I have begun to adopt an attitude of reflection. As winter passes, I trust I will spring into the year with a new vigor and continual, infinite hope … the Hope.

Bottom Line - December 2015

By Stan Bower

How has God changed you this past year? What has happened in your life that you wouldn’t give up for one million dollars and what took place that causes an ache deep within? Where are you spiritually today, compared to one year ago? Yes, those are some really big questions … but as we close out 2015, it’s a great time to reflect on where we truly are in this journey of life. Let me share a bit of Greg’s quest over the past 5 years and how God impacted him through CBMC.