Welcome to Living Proof, a personal guide to creating spiritual friendships. This video series allows you to hear real stories of friendships between people of differing beliefs. You will see how business leaders who are convinced about the truth of the Bible, Jesus and God are able to connect with unconvinced friends in real life. You will discover the potential for spiritual change through three simple concepts.

What if success in life could be boiled down to three simple things?

1. Build: Building authentic friendships with people regardless of their differing background or beliefs.
2. Love: Genuinely loving people where they are and for who they are.
3. Join: Learning to look around for where God is working in your life and in your friend’s lives - and then join God in His work.

Living Proof is about living out these three themes in everyday life. It’s about getting away from techniques, formulas and forced conversations. It’s about learning how to genuinely care for friends who are unconvinced about your beliefs. It’s about building real relationships and shared friendships. As with any genuine friendship, you eventually talk about all of life - including sharing what matters most to you and what gives you purpose.

Join us in the greatest adventure of living out His values in our everyday life and impacting generations to come. You are the “Living Proof.”