A letter from Stan Bower to the businessmen in the St. Louis region:

Stan Bower

Dear Friends:

How has God changed you this past year? What has happened in your life that you wouldn’t give up for one million dollars and what took place that causes an ache deep within? Where are you spiritually today, compared to one year ago? Yes, those are some really big questions … but as we close out 2015, it’s a great time to reflect on where we truly are in this journey of life. Let me share a bit of Greg’s quest over the past 5 years and how God impacted him through CBMC.

After being invited by John Muckerman (over a period of five years) to attend a CBMC discussion group, I finally accepted the invitation – that’s right, it took me five years to say yes. At my first meeting, I walked in very confident in my Christianity; however, I left with my tail between my legs. It was at that meeting when I realized I knew nothing of what it meant to be a Christian. I had grown up in church, and even served as a Board of Ed Chairman, Board of Elders Chairman, Elder, Vice President of the Congregation, President of the Congregation, and Board of Stewards Chairman.  Yet … I did not know Jesus!  It still amazes me that Jesus was that patient with me.

Somehow, God got me to that discussion group every Thursday - kicking and screaming to start. However, each week I left those meetings thankful I had attended.  It was at those meetings that I met Mark Martin (another disciple maker).  Mark knew the Bible well and when Mark spoke, everyone listened. One week I asked him how it was that he came to know the Bible so well.  Mark told me that 5 years earlier, he had been like me, with Bible knowledge a mile wide and only an inch deep. He then began an in-depth Bible study program and suggested I do the same. The next week, Mark came and asked if I would be willing to meet with him one-on-one every week to do the in-depth Bible study we had talked about.  I said ‘yes’ and we have been meeting every Friday morning for breakfast and Bible study … for 5 plus years. I now also meet with another CBMC’er each Tuesday, lead small group Bible studies in my home, and am attempting to complete a graduate certificate program through Covenant Seminary.

Stan - you and CBMC indirectly started my journey in learning what it means to be a Christian.  I thank you for that.  John Muckerman and Mark Martin have helped me develop a true relationship with Jesus.  It is through your ministry with CBMC, John's weekly Bible discussions and Mark's devotion in meeting with me for Bible study that the Holy Spirit brought me to Jesus. I thank each one of you for my blissful eternity to come.

Watching Him work and looking to be used,

Greg Guenther, R.Ph.

Director of Pharmacy - Dierbergs Markets

You may not have met Greg yet, but through your prayer and financial support, you are a part of his story. We are grateful to have you as our partner in this ministry of sharing hope and building relationships … one person at a time. We come alongside, invest time, lend an understanding ear and meet people right where they are – then point them to the one true hope in Jesus.

Thank you for your faithful commitment to CBMC and reaching others for Christ. Please ask the Lord to direct you in how best to continue that support in 2016. We can’t do it without you!

Merry Christmas! 

Stan Bower and the CBMC Metro St. Louis Team

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